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An assortment of Fan Holders
Fan Holder - FH-00
Fan Holder - FH-00
Fan Holder - FH-00
Fan Holder - FH-00
Fan Holder - FH-00
Fan Holder - FH-00

Fan Holder

Item #: FH-00

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  • Adjustable arms
  • Unobtrusive display presentation
  • Elevates fans for a visually striking exhibition
Price: $13.00

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    Fan Holders are high-quality clear acrylic mounts which are specifically designed to hold hand fans. They are available in two sizes which are shaped very similarly to a Box Easel, but also come with attached clear acrylic J-shaped arms to hold fans open and upright. To utilize the arms, simply arrange them in the desired configuration, and lightly tighten the screws attaching them to the mount.

    *Note: Acrylic scratches easily, handle with care. We carry plastic cleaner for removing scratches, which can be found on our plastic cleaners page.

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    For further inquiries, please feel free to call us at (800-862-9869) or email us. Our team has been fabricating custom artifact displays for 35 consecutive years and has over 150 years combined of experience in the field of artifact display and is well-equipped to answer questions, offer advice, and provide support.


    Shows off the fan well without distracting eye of beholder to the holder. E.F. -Philadelphia

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