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iron decorative easel by amron
iron decorative easel by amron
iron decorative display easel by amron
4" Iron Easel - 44-404
7" Iron Easel - 44-407
10" Iron Easel - 44-410
13" Iron Easel - 44-413
18" Iron Easel - 44-418
25" Iron Easel - 44-425

Nicholas Reid Iron Easel

* Great for plates, prints, photos and artwork.

Also available in Copper, Pewter, and Brass.

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    approx: 4"H x 4.75"W x 4"D x .75" Peg Depth. Height of pegs .75" x Width at pegs 2".
    Iron 1 - 5
    approx: 7"H x 6.25"W x 4.5"D x .75" Peg Depth. Height of pegs 1" x Width at pegs 2.5".
    Iron 1 - 5
    approx: 10"H x 8.75"W x 7"D x 1.25" Peg Depth. Height of pegs 1.25" x Width at pegs 3.5".
    Iron 1 - 5
    approx: 13"H x 9.75"W x 8.25"D x 1.5" Peg Depth. Height of pegs 2" x Width at pegs 4".
    Iron 1 - 3
    approx: 18"H x 14.25"W x 10"D x 2.25" Peg Depth. Height of pegs 2" x Width at pegs 6.75"
    Iron 1
    approx: 25.25"H x 18"W x 12.25"D x 2.25" Peg Depth. Height of pegs 2.75" x Width at pegs 9.25".
    Iron 1

    A decorative easel with a nice iron finish. These easels are nice if you want a moderate decorative finish. 


    Lovely piece.  Strong but graceful.  Perfect for a heavy decorative plate that does not take away from the design on the plate. - Darlene, MN

    Additional Information

    Display easels come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are used for displaying a variety of items. Artist’s easels are another type of easel that can be used for displaying art but they are mainly used to hold their canvas while the artist is working on it.
    Easels have been around for a long time and have been known to have been in use since the time of the ancient Egyptians.
    Typically a display easel is of a tripod design. They are used for displaying anything from works of art to signs or menu’s at a restaurant. Some easels are simple and clean looking so that they do not draw attention away from the art or because they are holding something simple. Other easels are decorative and give importance to the art work they are holding. In many cases the decorative easel will come up higher in the back than the artwork itself so you see its decorative top. Some of the decorative easels are ornate, are very detailed, and are almost art in and of themselves. Easels by Amron has been supplying a large number of decorative easels for many years. These can be seen at: http://www.easelsbyamron.com/store/c/171-Decorative-Easels.aspx

    The low profile easel is usually not decorative but simple and is meant to be hardly seen when the artwork is resting on it. Most of the time these easels sit low to the ground. These can be found here: http://www.easelsbyamron.com/store/c/178-Low-Profile-Easels.aspx

    Many easels are made of metal including; iron, brass, copper, pewter, etc. Easels by Amron carries a line of metal easels that come in four finishes. These can be seen here: http://www.easelsbyamron.com/store/c/180-Nicholas-Reid-Collection.aspx


    There are also many made from wood in a variety of finishes and colors like black, red, gold, walnut, or fruitwood. You can see Amron’s variety of wood easels here: http://www.easelsbyamron.com/store/c/167-Wood-Easels.aspx

    There are also acrylic and plastic easels. Acrylic easels are crystal clear so they aren’t as noticeable as some of the other easels. A line of acrylic easels can be seen here: http://www.easelsbyamron.com/store/c/174-Acrylic-Easels.aspx

    Easels that fold up flat are convenient because they can be stored away when not in use. The easels that have adjustable pegs give you the flexibility of adjusting different sized artwork to varying heights. Easels by Amron has adjustable easels that you can see here: http://www.easelsbyamron.com/store/c/175-Adjustab...
    Finally, there are two basic size groups for easels. One group is the floor easels which stands directly on the floor bringing the art work up to a viewable height. The other smaller versions are the table top easels which are meant to be put up on something like a shelf, table, pedestal, etc.
    Floor easels: http://www.easelsbyamron.com/store/c/170-Floor-Easels.aspx

    Tabletop easels: http://www.easelsbyamron.com/store/c/168-Tabletop-Easels.aspx

    Available as wholesale:


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